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Changes to the Modes

by Shadowlauch 47 years ago

Hello guys,

This is the first time I've actually used this Blog I programnmed a while ago, but the changes I had to make really need a bit of explanation.

As you are probably aware Trendy recently changed the Mode structure. Now we only have Defense (FreePlay, EndGame, Campaign etc.), Challenges (Incursion, End Game Incursion) & Onslaught. Also they added the Expert difficulty. The renaming itself is not a big deal, but the problems arise from the merging of multiple modes.

To all of you who have plans please check the mode that is selected and update it according to what you think is apropiate! The map will be added shortly!

Thanks for your continued support and if you have any feedback you can contact me cia Twitter @Shadowlauch or via email larsnaurath@aol.de