Chaos 5 Dragonfall Sewers Build


Defense - Nightmare 4
Abyss Lord Apprentice Huntress Monk Mystic Squire


This build is designed to be semi-afk'able once your gear is good enough. If you're transitioning into Chaos 5 from Chaos 4, you won't be able to semi-afk this but the build should work. The south lane was built further away from spawn in the event the sub-core dies.


Try to get the flamethrowers as close to the wall as possible in the North-East quadrant. It may seem like enemies will target them but they won't, as long as you don't stand in that area. Kobold Divers will sometimes explode on your towers, so it would be preferable to have health over crit on your relic.

If you don't have snaking sands, you can place PDTs aiming at the spawners.


You'll want to focus on the blockades in the North lanes, the Sky Guard in the south and the rest in anywhere you see fit.


Flamethrower - Destruction, Empowered Flame, Defense Rate. If you don't have Empowered Flame Defense Rate, you could use Water Elemental.

Frostbite Tower - Empowered Frostbite, Deadly Strikes and Frosty Duet. If you have Frosty Power, replace Empowered Frostbite with it.

Poison Dart Tower - Destruction, Enhanced Poison, Defense Rate. If you don't have Enhanced Poison or Defense Rate, you could use Explosive Poison.

Sky Guard - Destruction, Deadly Strikes, Defense Rate. If you don't have Defense Rate, you can use Water Elemental instead.

Spike Blockade - Fortification, Shielding Guard, Sharpened Spikes. Can swap Shielding Guard with Defense Rate for faster stuns.

Snaking Sands - Defensive Critical Damage, Deadly Strikes, Defensive Critical Strike. If you have extra Defense Rate shards, you can put one here in place of Defensive Critical Damage but it's not needed.


Flamethrower - Medallion, preferably with health and speed but crit and speed is good too.

Frostbite Tower - Totem; if using Frosty Power, it should be Medallion with health.

Poison Dart Tower - Medallion with either speed & health or speed & crit.

Sky Guard - Medallion with either speed & health or speed & crit.

Spike Blockade - Totem with speed and def power.

Snaking Sands - Mark with speed or Orb.


This is where you'll do most of the dps with your hero.


This is an optional place to put a PDT to replace one of the flamethrowers in the lane.