C5 Dragonfall Sewers Quickbuild


Defense - Nightmare 4
Huntress Lavamancer Mystic


This build uses only three heroes so you can have one DPS in your deck and you don't have to switch anything in or out.

One PDT, Snaking Sand and four fissures of Embermount per lane. You can use any blockade but vipers are prefered since you won't have to switch heroes this way.

It is intended as an endgame build for quick and efficient farming so I can't guarantee it will work with C4 or average C5 gear.

You can also put a coil on the lane you'll be defending/AFKing (most likely the north-east one).


PDT: DP/DH/DS with Destruction, Vampiric Empowerment and Defense Rate (or poison rate).

Fissures of Embermount: DP/DH/DCD with Destruction, Power Transfer/Vampiric Empowerment and Deadly Strikes.

Snaking Sands: DCD/DS/DP with Defensive Critical Strike, Defensive Critical Damage and Power Transfer.

Vipers: DH/DS/DP with Fortification, Shielding Guard and Panic Fire, Vampiric Empowerment or Explosive Guard.