C2 Siphon Site D


Onslaught - Nightmare 4
Apprentice Huntress Squire


This is a proggress viable setup that i personally used when breaking into C2.

The general strat i use for pretty much any map is 2PDT per lane, 2Flamethrowers per lane (3 if DU allows or more is needed), 1 Spike Blockade per lane and a Skyguard tower where ever needed.

Whenever possible i place all the "Flamethrowers" and the "PDTs" on ledges out of the main path of the enemies. On this map you can utilize the sewage pipes really well.

This perticular build doesn't use a Skyguard tower, With my usual build i got 40 spare DU so i opted for a second PDT for the skylane. Do take care tho that there is no leaking.

Info 1: 1 PDT aimed West at the top pipe and 1 PDT aimed east at the bottom pipe.